AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-29Adjust to ObjFW changesHEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-17Adjust to ObjFW changesJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-11Fix method signature mismatchJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-06Fix compilation with GCCJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-06Readd autogen.shJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-06Adjust to ObjFW changesJonathan Schleifer
2017-05-08Adjust to recent ObjFW changesJonathan Schleifer
2017-01-23Add ping timeoutJonathan Schleifer
2017-01-22IRCConnection: Make fallback encoding configurableJonathan Schleifer
2017-01-22IRCConnection: Make the socket class configurableJonathan Schleifer
2017-01-22Do not run tests automaticallyJonathan Schleifer
2017-01-10Fix channel iteration in QUIT handlerJonathan Schleifer
2016-05-07Add a proper build systemJonathan Schleifer
2016-05-07Update copyrightJonathan Schleifer
2016-05-07Cleaner PONGJonathan Schleifer
2016-05-07Adjust to ObjFW changesJonathan Schleifer
2013-07-12Adjust to ObjFW API and fix a disconnect bug.Jonathan Schleifer
2013-02-16Fix wrong selector name.Jonathan Schleifer
2013-02-15Fix handling of nick changes.Jonathan Schleifer
2013-02-15Improve Makefile.Jonathan Schleifer
2013-02-14Don't implement IRCConnectionDelegate on OFObject.Jonathan Schleifer
2013-02-14Prefix all ivars with an underscore.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-12-22Fix Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-28Make sure no newlines from parameters are sent.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-24Remove the IRCChannels class.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-24API improvements.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-08Revert "Adjust to new async API."Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-30Port to ObjC1.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-30Adjust to new async API.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-17Use async I/O.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-21Update URL in copyright.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-16Don't require an IRCUser where it is not necessary.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-16Handle closed connection.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-10-24Don't retain the delegate to prevent a reference cycle.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-10-05Keep track of users in a channel.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-10-05Fix adding channels to the list of joined channels.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-23Adjust to recent ObjFW changes.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-15Make non-blocking processing possible.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-15Export the internal OFTCPSocket so it can be observed externally.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-15Add ObjIRC.h.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-13Adjust to recent ObjFW changes.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-11Add support for changing the nickname.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-11Add support for kicking a user.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-10Add support for sending notices.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-10Add support for parsing KICK.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-10Add support for parsing NOTICE.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-09Handle nickname changes.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-09Update Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-09Make command parsing case-insensitive.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-09Add support for sending messages.Jonathan Schleifer