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masterUpdate URL in copyright.Jonathan Schleifer10 years
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2012-03-21Update URL in copyright.HEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
2012-01-08Don't allow hiding windows as Cocoa can only hide the whole application.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-08Move declaration of og_application_delegate() to the header.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-08Move -[show] and -[hide] from OGWidget to OGWindow.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-07Fix a missing include.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-06Fixed type name in OGBox.hDillon Aumiller
2012-01-05Remove useless whitespaces.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-05Change wrong OF prefix to OG.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-05Update .hgignore.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-05Clean up win32 Makefile.Jonathan Schleifer