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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-01-17Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-12-27Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-09-16Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-08-11Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-08-10Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-07-25Update buildsys. This allows building a static and a shared lib at once.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-05-08Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-05-08Library version is included in .dylib and framework now.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-09Check whether getaddrinfo is thread-safe and use locks if not.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Don't try to find another CC in acx_pthread.m4.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Move LDFLAGS for rpath in objfw-config to a separate --rpath flag.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-01Make sure we never even check for CC by using OBJCPP as CPP.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-15Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-09Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-06-03Update buildsys to latest rev.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-04-25Update to latest rev of buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-03-15Preliminary OFConstString implementation and support for @"" literals.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-03-14Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-01-03If we use -pthread(s) in CPPFLAGS, we need it in LIBS as well.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-12-23Make it possible to build only a static library.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-12-22Check for pthreads.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-12-13Initial attempt to port to win32.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-12-13Some build related changes.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-11-01Don't delete .deps file on make clean.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-11-01It seems that $as_echo is undefined on some systems. Fixed.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-11-01Touch .deps files in the past so they are always recreated.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-11-01Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2008-09-12Initial import.Jonathan Schleifer