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2010-01-30Convert more macros to OF_INLINE functions.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-30Only install atomic.h if atomic ops are available.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-30Add -march=i486 to OBJCFLAGS in objfw-config if required.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-30Nicer checking for atomic ops.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-30Change spinlock implementation, add fallbacks and move to threading.h.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-30Define OF_ATOMIC_OPS if we don't have threads.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-29Add OF_ATOMIC_OPS define to work around missing atomic ops if needed.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-29Introduce OF_HAVE_PTHREADS define instead of #ifndef _WIN32.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-25Check for atomic ops in Schleifer
2010-01-24Make retain/release atomic.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-16Test if compiler supports properties and if so run property tests.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-16Add -fexceptions to OBJCFLAGS.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-06Add support for ObjC 2 properties.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-03Check for objc_enumerationMutation and provide it if it's missing.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-03Check for fast enumeration support in compiler and run tests.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-23Some minor build improvements.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-12Remove OBJC_SYNC variable as it is not used anymore.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-11Make it possible to build ObjFW without support for threads.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-09Check whether getaddrinfo is thread-safe and use locks if not.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-06Move ObjFW definitions to a header that gets installed.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-01Better checking which runtime we use.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-01Make sure we never even check for CC by using OBJCPP as CPP.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-09Rename tests to match the name of the class they test.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-09Rename all .c files to .m so we only need an OBJC and no CC.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-09Rename objfw to ObjFW for better framework compatibility.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-03Add -Wno-unused-variable to objfw-config if we got gcc bug objc/27438.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-01Add .xcodeproj.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-10-03Rename tests_new to tests.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-10-03Make the @synchronized test a manual test and remove old tests.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-10-01Migration of OFPlugin tests to new testing framework.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-09-30Migration of OFTCPSocket tests to new testing framework.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-09-21Only check if snprintf returns required space if there's no asprintf.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-09-17Better checking which warnings need to be disabled due to gcc bugs.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-09-13Add new testing framework - all existing tests are going to be migrated.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-08-28Add OF_BSWAP{16,32,64}.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-08-17Ensure in the headers that we got the required definitions.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-06-03Check for install in configure.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-06-03Add -lsocket to LIBS if libsocket has socket(). Solaris needs this.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-06-01Add objfw.h which includes everything.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-06-01It's far more likely the lock we search is at the end.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-05-25Improve objc_sync.m.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-05-24Fall back to gethostbyname + locking if getaddrinfo is missing.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-05-24Implement objc_sync_enter and objc_sync_exit if they're missing.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-05-24Better check for madvise().Jonathan Schleifer
2009-05-16Add objfw-config script.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-04-25Separate C and ObjC checks.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-04-12Get rid of the dependency on Object.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-04-12Add OFNotImplementedException.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-04-10-Wall was added too early to (OBJ)CFLAGS.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-04-10Fix warnings on Leopard in OFConstString.Jonathan Schleifer