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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Update the broken Xcode versions listJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-08Fix forwarding on NetBSD/PowerPCJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-06Update PLATFORMS.mdJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-05Add forwardingTargetForSelector: for SPARC/ELFJonathan Schleifer Add Windows 98 SE and NT 4.0Jonathan Schleifer Add Linux/S390xJonathan Schleifer
2020-01-02Update copyrightJonathan Schleifer
2019-08-31Update PLATFORMS.mdJonathan Schleifer Add RISC-V 64 to LinuxJonathan Schleifer Update macOS, add DarlingJonathan Schleifer Add AmigaOSJonathan Schleifer Update OpenBSD versionsJonathan Schleifer Add Itanium to LinuxJonathan Schleifer Add OpenBSD/HPPAJonathan Schleifer Add SPARC64/ELF to "Forwarding"Jonathan Schleifer Update MorphOSJonathan Schleifer Add MorphOSJonathan Schleifer
2017-02-26Update PLATFORMS.mdJonathan Schleifer
2017-01-08Add Clang/Win32 to {PLATFORMS,README-WINDOWS}.mdJonathan Schleifer
2016-07-03Add forwardingTargetForSelector: for x86_64/Mach-OJonathan Schleifer Add NetBSD/ARM in BE8 modeJonathan Schleifer Increase minimum GCC version to 4.6Jonathan Schleifer Remove limitations for bare bone ARMJonathan Schleifer
2016-03-28Add socket support for Nintendo 3DSJonathan Schleifer Add Nintendo 3DSJonathan Schleifer Add ARM64/ELF to "Forwarding"Jonathan Schleifer Update AndroidJonathan Schleifer
2016-01-03Update copyrightJonathan Schleifer Add OS X El CapitanJonathan Schleifer
2015-05-16+[sleepForTimeInterval:]: Just return on negativeJonathan Schleifer Add NetBSD/SPARC64Jonathan Schleifer
2015-05-03Update PLATFORMS.mdJonathan Schleifer Add SolarisJonathan Schleifer Add ARM64 to LinuxJonathan Schleifer Add bare metal ARM Cortex-M4Jonathan Schleifer Add SPARCJonathan Schleifer
2014-04-27Initial Nintendo DS portJonathan Schleifer
2014-02-23Update PLATFORMS.mdJonathan Schleifer
2014-02-22Rename AMD64 to x86_64Jonathan Schleifer Add Win64 and Win64 forwardingJonathan Schleifer Add Windows 8.1 and MinGW-w64Jonathan Schleifer Add MIPS64 to OpenBSDJonathan Schleifer Don't list limitations of the OSJonathan Schleifer Add SH4 to Linux.Jonathan Schleifer More detailed forwarding platforms.Jonathan Schleifer Add a section about forwarding.Jonathan Schleifer Add ARM64 to iOS.Jonathan Schleifer Specify ABI for MIPS.Jonathan Schleifer
2013-12-01Port to DOS/DJGPP.Jonathan Schleifer Add x86_64 to OpenBSD, 10.9 to OS X.Jonathan Schleifer