path: root/ObjFW.xcodeproj
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-08Include the tests in the Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-09-06Update Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-07-03Update Xcode Project to include new files.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-06-16Update .xcodeproj.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-09Add OFSeekableStream and implement seeking for OFFile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-07Add OFApplication.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-03-15Fix building framework as Universal Binary.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-03-15Have the Info.plist from the framework in the repo as a file.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-03-04Update .xcodeproj to include new files.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-16Add missing file to Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-07Change URL in framwork plist.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-03Add OFFastEnumeration protocol and OFEnumerationMutationException.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-30Rename OFIterator to OFEnumerator.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-09Remove tests from .xcodeproj as they don't make much sense there.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-09Rename libobjfw to ObjFW.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-11-09Rename libobjfw.xcodeproj to more appropriate ObjFW.xcodeproj.Jonathan Schleifer