AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-03runtime: Add exception handling.runtimeJonathan Schleifer
2012-07-01Reference OFConstantString in OFString.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-11Fix a warning due to uint_fast16_t > uint32_t.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-11Merge branch 'master' into runtimeJonathan Schleifer
2012-06-11Improve -[OFNumber description].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-10JSON: Make it possible to get the invalid line.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-10Add a few array methods.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-10More API improvements.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-07Rework OFStream API.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-06Rename -[OFXMLParser parseBuffer:withLength:].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-06Merge branch 'master' into runtimeJonathan Schleifer
2012-06-06Slightly change the memory management API.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-06Remove -[OFMutableArray removeNObjects:].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-06Rework OFDataArray API.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-06Add a missing check in OFDataArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-06-[addObject:atIndex:] -> -[insertObject:atIndex:].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-06swapObjectAtIndex... -> exchangeObjectAtIndex...Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-05Disallow newlines in JSON strings.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-05JSON5: Allow identifiers as dictionary keys.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-05Add a warning to -[OFString JSONValue].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-05JSON5: Allow trailing commas.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-05JSON5: Allow strings split across multiple lines.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-05Allow numbers in JSON5 format.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-05Initial JSON5 support.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-06-01jmp *(%foo) should be jmp *%foo.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-31atomic.h: Use sete instead of the ugly jne.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-22Add -[OFString stringByAppendingPathComponent:].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-18Add -[OFThreadPool size].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-12Use -Wno-deprecated-objc-isa-usage if available.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-12Add ASM for AMD64/Mach-O.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-10Sequential selectors to reduce fragmentation.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-10Return objects as void* instead of const void*.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-10objc_hashtable_alloc() -> objc_hashtable_new().Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-09Initialize classes on the first dispatch.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-09Better way of calling the forwarding handler.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-08Add support for 16 bit selector UIDs.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-07Abort when all selector slots are exhausted.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-07Use lower 24 bits of the selector hash.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-05-04Check in configure whether to use assembly lookup.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-25objfw-compile: Allow -std=*.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-25Remove useless GNU runtime warning check.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-22objfw-config: Include flags for fragile ABI.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-22Don't reexport libobjc when using ObjFW runtime.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-22Safer way to create the global mutex.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-22Add --enable-runtime.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-22Add class_registerAlias_np().Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-22A few casts to make Clang happy.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-21Ensure all selectors are registered before load.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-21Properly copy methods from superclass first.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-04-21Avoid useless looking for +[load] method.Jonathan Schleifer