AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-06Merge trunk into branch "amiga-library"amiga-libraryJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-06Update PLATFORMS.mdJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-05lookup-asm-sparc-elf.S: Fix text relocationJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-05Add forwardingTargetForSelector: for SPARC/ELFJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-04tests: Use \r instead of setting cursorColumn = 0Jonathan Schleifer
2020-07-01apple-forwarding-x86_64.S: Don't use jmp shortJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-01.travis.yml: Install devkitPro via gdebiJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-01.travis.yml: Move AmigaOS/DS/3DS/Wii to BionicJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-01.travis.yml: devkitPro keeps changing the URL...Jonathan Schleifer
2020-07-01Convert apple-forwarding-i386.S to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-01.travis.yml: Fix .deb name for devkitProJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-01call-x86_64-elf.S: Fix several typosJonathan Schleifer
2020-07-01.travis.yml: Update devkitPro pacman .deb URLJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Convert call-x86_64-elf.S to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Convert apple-call-x86_64.S to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Convert all x86_64/Mach-O ASM to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Convert apple-forwarding-x86_64.S to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Convert all x86_64/Win64 ASM to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Don't use -no-integrated-as on DarwinJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Convert all x86/Win32 ASM to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Remove unnecessary PIC from x86/Win32 ASMJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Minor cleanup of x86/ELF ASMJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-30Make use of @PLT in x86/ELF ASMJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-29Convert all x86/ELF ASM files to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-29Work around older Clang not supporting jmp shortJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-29Convert all x86_64/ELF ASM files to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-28Remove OF_DIRECT(_MEMBERS) where it was too muchJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-28Only use objc_direct(_members) with Apple runtimeJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-28Use OF_DIRECT(_MEMBERS) where appropriateJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-27OFXMLParser: Make private methods static functionsJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-25Add OF_DIRECT and OF_DIRECT_MEMBERSJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-24Correct the path for DerivedData in ignore-globJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-24OFStdIOStream: Don't use isatty() on iOSJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-24Fix missing castJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-24OFEnumerator: Remove const from itemsPtrJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-24ObjFW.h: Add missing importsJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Add missing of_log to linklibJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Adjust Amiga library to new of_{pbkdf2,scrypt} APIJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Merge trunk into branch "amiga-library"Jonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Makefile: Add docs targetJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Move parameters for of_scrypt() to a structJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Move parameters for of_pbkdf2() to a structJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Throw an exception when there is no name serverJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Ignore return value from _Unwind_RaiseException()Jonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Fix missing -1 in function list of Amiga libraryJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Add functions/variables for tests to Amiga libraryJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-21Make of_std{in,out,err} available in Amiga libraryJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-20Add all public constants to linklibJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-20Merge trunk into amiga-library branchJonathan Schleifer
2020-06-20linklib: Add __objc_class_name_* for all classesJonathan Schleifer