AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-15OFLocalization: Fix setting the territory0.90Jonathan Schleifer
2017-11-04OFString: Improve freeWhenDone in case of errorJonathan Schleifer
2017-11-04OFString_UTF8: Fix BOM handling in no copy initJonathan Schleifer
2017-11-04-[OFXMLElement setChildren:]: Create mutable copyJonathan Schleifer
2017-11-04+[OFThread threadDictionary]: Handle nil threadJonathan Schleifer
2017-11-04Backport more nullability fixesJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-30Fix nullable properties in DoxygenJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-23ChangeLog: Add Schleifer
2017-10-23runtime: Make Apple GCC with -Wshadow happyJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-23Set version to 0.90.2Jonathan Schleifer
2017-10-22runtime: Define _Null_unspecified if missingJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-22Make Apple GCC with -Wshadow happyJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-19Xcode project: Set correct version for bridgeJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-19src/platform.h: Better check for iOSJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-17OFMutableSet: Add missing override for -[copy]Jonathan Schleifer
2017-10-16Rename __GCC_VERSION__ to OF_GCC_VERSIONJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-14Fix more shadowed variablesJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-11Fix shadowed variables and enable -WshadowJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-07OFThread: Fix setting the name on the wrong threadJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-07OFThread: Fix the name accidentally being readonlyJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-07OFThread: Mark the thread block nullableJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-07OFThread: Fix setting the name on the wrong threadJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-01Fix testing the wrong OFKernelEventObserverJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-01Backport nullability fixes from masterJonathan Schleifer
2017-09-28More nullability fixesJonathan Schleifer
2017-09-27configure: Fix posix_spawnp checkJonathan Schleifer
2017-09-27Many nullability fixesJonathan Schleifer
2017-09-26Fix a few missing nullableJonathan Schleifer
2017-09-24OFTCPSocket: Retain exception for async connectJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-20ChangeLog: Add Schleifer
2017-08-20Set version to 0.90.1Jonathan Schleifer
2017-08-19Fix a linker warning on OpenBSD/SPARC64Jonathan Schleifer
2017-08-14Fix -[OFData description]Jonathan Schleifer
2017-08-13OFArray: Fix MessagePack encodingJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-11Fix warning with 32 bit ClangJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-11of_asprintf: Don't require set up OFLocalizationJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-06OFZIPArchive: Fix uncompressed + data descriptorJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-05OFGZIPStream: Add missing documentationJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-05OFTarArchiveEntry: Fix prefix handling for ustarJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-05Increase library minor numberJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-05OFDate: Add -[localMinute]Jonathan Schleifer
2017-08-03OFFileManager: Set errno to 0 before readdir()Jonathan Schleifer
2017-08-02OFFile: Remove the b modes from MorphOSJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-01OFApplication: Don't use SA_RESTART0.90-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-01ChangeLog: Add 0.90Jonathan Schleifer
2017-08-01Restore the ChangeLogJonathan Schleifer
2017-08-01OFRunLoop: Fix missing importsJonathan Schleifer
2017-07-31OFRunLoop: Ignore EINTRJonathan Schleifer
2017-07-30tests: Drain between OFKernelObserver testsJonathan Schleifer
2017-07-30Fix OFKernelEventObserver on WiiJonathan Schleifer