AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-23Close 0.8 branch0.8Jonathan Schleifer
2016-05-29OFInflate64Stream: Fix window sizeJonathan Schleifer
2016-04-24Makefile: Revert back to packaging as .tar.gzJonathan Schleifer
2016-04-18OFCondition: Improve documentationJonathan Schleifer
2016-04-18OFRunLoop: Small clean upJonathan Schleifer
2016-04-18OFThread: Fix missing includeJonathan Schleifer
2016-04-18Improve of_condition_wait error handling on Win32Jonathan Schleifer
2016-03-28URL encoding: Make sure an unsigned shift is usedJonathan Schleifer
2016-03-20OFHTTPServer: Delegate for client socket exceptionJonathan Schleifer
2016-03-20OFKernelEventObserverTests: Properly count failsJonathan Schleifer
2016-03-20Use the locked queue for kqueue and epoll as wellJonathan Schleifer
2016-03-20Never block when the read buffer is non-emptyJonathan Schleifer
2016-03-20undef __{unsafe_unretained,bridge,autoreleasing}Jonathan Schleifer
2016-01-03Set version to 0.8.2Jonathan Schleifer
2016-01-03Update copyrightJonathan Schleifer
2016-01-03Fix a regression from the previous refactorizationJonathan Schleifer
2015-12-29Refactor OFKernelEventObserverJonathan Schleifer
2015-11-02OFDate: Use wcsftime on WindowsJonathan Schleifer
2015-11-02OFHTTP{Client,Server}: Concatenate repeated fieldsJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-17Fix two forgotten instances of FD_SETSIZE on Win32Jonathan Schleifer
2015-10-10ofhttp: Fix ETA calculation for resumed filesJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-04OFString: int i -> size_t iJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-04Update ChangeLog for Schleifer
2015-10-04Fix wrong date in ChangeLogJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-04Set version to 0.8.1Jonathan Schleifer
2015-10-04Move OF_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN after all includesJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-04Better length checks for write / send callsJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-04Special cases for the Wii's weird network stackJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-03Add missing include for Nintendo DSJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-03Don't check for -pedantic for Nintendo DSJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-01Use _Nullable instead of __nullableJonathan Schleifer
2015-10-01Fix compilation for PSPJonathan Schleifer
2015-09-14OFUDPSocket: More constnessJonathan Schleifer Add a warning about MSYS2 ShellJonathan Schleifer
2015-09-06Fix compilation for WiiJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-26OFZIPArchive: Throw invalid format on failed seekJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-26Make sure of_hash_seed is never initialized to 0Jonathan Schleifer
2015-08-26OFProcess: Send SIGTERM on closeJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-23Documentation improvementsJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-23OFBlock: Fix two bugsJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-23Documentation fixesJonathan Schleifer Fix AC_CHECK_HEADER(S) confusionJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-22utils/ofhttp: Add includes required on SolarisJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-22Fix compilation for an uncommon define combinationJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-14Branch for 0.80.8-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-14Update ChangeLog for 0.8Jonathan Schleifer
2015-08-14ChangeLog: Remove trailing dotsJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-09Remove objc_global_mutex_free()Jonathan Schleifer Fix small typoJonathan Schleifer
2015-08-09OFProcess: Use vfork() instead of fork()Jonathan Schleifer