AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-19objfw-config: Never output more than one line.0.7Jonathan Schleifer
2012-12-11OFTCPSocket: Fix a bug in -[accept].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-12-06runtime.h: Remove functions which are elsewhere.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-12-02OFMethod: Add one more NULL check.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-12-02Add a warning about mutating objects in a set.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-12-01Increase library version minor.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-30Remove inline that lead to a missing symbol.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-30Remove functions from runtime.h that don't exist.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-12Set the version to Schleifer
2012-11-12Update ChangeLog for 0.7.1.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-11Add two more OF_SENTINEL.Jonathan Schleifer Add Clang 3.2 to Haiku.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-08Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer Add Haiku.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-05autorelease: Fix a wrong of_tlskey_set.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-03Small workaround for a Haiku bug.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-11-03Blocks: Only use the lower 2 bytes as retain countJonathan Schleifer
2012-11-02Make -[removeLastObject] on an empty array a nop.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-29Documentation improvements (add references).Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-29Documentation fixes.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-29Fix incorrect framework version.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-29Documentation improvements.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-28Fix wrong imports.0.7-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2012-10-27Update ChangeLog for 0.7.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-27Branch for 0.7.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-27make tarball: Generate documentation tarball.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-27TableGenerator: Terminate when done.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-27Update Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer Add Mac OS X 10.8.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-26Add OFLocking protocol.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-26Split OFThread.m into multiple files.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-26Add OF_ prefix to a private method missing it.Jonathan Schleifer Add Windows 8.Jonathan Schleifer Show a note about old compilers.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-22Allocate space for sockaddr_storage, not sockaddr.Jonathan Schleifer Add DragonFlyBSD.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-22Fix a test on DragonFlyBSD.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-22Make GCC 4.4 happy.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-21Call C++ constructors in correct order.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-18Fix missing #else.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-17Small fix in instance.m.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-17Pass exceptions on async I/O.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-16OFConstantString: Add a few missing new methods.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-16Fix a few forgotten renames.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-16A few more API improvements.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-16Make OFMethods comparable and hashable.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-15Future releases will be .tar.xz and signed.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-15Fix some forgotten renames.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-14Add a missing include and fix a typo.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-10-14More integer overflow checks.Jonathan Schleifer