AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-23Close 0.6 branch0.6Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-21Fix of_atomic_{add,sub}_ptr on AMD64.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-16Fix memory wasting in OFBigDataArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-13Improve -[OFDictionary isEqual:].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-07Fix a missing (auto)release.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-04Add missing files to Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-02@finally { [pool release]; } is a bad idea when throwing exceptions.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-01Fix OFDate documentation.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-03-01Remove dead code.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-29\cond internal is not needed anymore.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-28Update PLATFORMS.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-28Don't use alloca, as it could be unsafe.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-28Make it more clear that +[pluginFromFile:] does not return OFPlugin*.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-28Fix a missing $ in objfw-compile.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-27Fix missing includes of <sys/types.h> for ssize_t.0.6-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2012-02-27Update ChangeLog.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-27Fix a missing include in OFApplication.m.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-25Always define __STDC_{CONSTANT,LIMIT}_MACROS before libc includes.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-24Don't use OF_INLINE where the function contains a @try block.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-21Don't try to use SIG{HUP,USR1,USR2} on Windows.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-21Add a missing include.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-20Set version to 0.6 in 0.6 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-20Create branch for 0.6.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-17Make it possible to handle common signals in OFApplicationDelegate.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-17Fix a very bad typo in OFStreamObserver_poll.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-06Return mutable collections in -[JSONValue].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-05It seems signing is not required anymore on iOS.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-05Fix some code that was not converted to new APIs.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-03Make the parser optional for OFMalformedXMLException.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-03Add OFXMLProcessingInstructions and let OFXMLElementBuilder create them.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-03Don't show undocumented methods in the documentation - they're private.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-02-01Clean up the properties mess.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Add -[OFMutableString replaceOccurrencesOfString:withString:inRange:].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Remove useless checks.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Fix -[OFMutableString_UTF8 replaceCharactersInRange:withString:].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Add -[removeAllObjects] and -[removeAllItems].Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Remove forgotten debug output.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Fix -[removeLastItem] in OFDataArray and OFBigDataArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Rename a few variables that were forgotten in the past.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Add a property for the count of objects in an OFArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Clean up Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-31Add -[sortedArray] to OFArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-30The new Apple runtime requires +[load] in OFConstantString.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-25Don't treat \f as whitespace in XML.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-25Update Xcode project.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-24Cache hashes of strings.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-24Compare pointers of strings before comparing the string content.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-08More methods for OFArray and OFMutableArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-05Oops, forgot to remove them.Jonathan Schleifer
2012-01-05Update copyright.Jonathan Schleifer