AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-04-21Update ChangeLog.0.5.1-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2011-04-21Merge a few changes from default branch to 0.5 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-10Update ChangeLog.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-10Set version to 0.5.1 in 0.5 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-10Apple GCC 4.0.1 thinks this variable might be uninitialized.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-09Added tag 0.5-release for changeset b9c812fcdd26Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-09Set version to Schleifer
2011-04-09Merge changes from tip into 0.5 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-09Branch for 0.5.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-09Also test comments in -[stringValue].Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-08Add -[isListening] to OFTCPSocket.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-06Port recent OFStreamObserver changes to Win32.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-06Don't compare to FD_SETSIZE.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-06This ivar does not need to be @public anymore as well.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-06Move ivar listening to OFTCPSocket.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-04Remove now useless defines of _GNU_SOURCE.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-04Check the value of read/write in OFStreamObserver.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-04Use -std=gnu99 instead of -std=c99. c99 gives trouble with glibc.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-05Include <sys/types.h> for off_t.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-05Add -std=c99 if accepted by the compiler.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-05Indent -[description] of collections.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-03Add -[pendingBytes] to OFStream.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-03OPEN_MAX is not available on every system.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-03We always need those includes now.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-03Use __BIGGEST_ALIGNMENT__ if available.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-03Fix -[makeObjectsPerformSelector:] and friends.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-03Fix -[performSelector:] and friends.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-03Use a more fitting exception in -[initWithContentsOfFile:].Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-02Fix small bugs introduced by the last commit.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-02Cancel the currently blocking -[observe] when the stream set is changed.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-01Call -[releaseObjects] after calling the delegate.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-01Make OFStreamObserver thread-safe.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-01Check nfds against OPEN_MAX before calling poll.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Add -[setChildren:] and -[setStringValue:] to OFXMLElement.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Add -[stringValue] to OFXMLElement.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Rename +[elementWithString:] to +[elementWithXMLString:] for clarity.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Rename -[stringValue] to -[XMLString] in OFXMLElement.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Get rid of useless -[bindDefaultNamespace:] in OFXMLElement.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Throw an exception if parsing did not finish in +[elementWithString:].Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Add -[elementForName] to OFXMLElement.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Add +[elementWithString:] to OFXMLElement.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-31Fix the getaddrinfo test on win32.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-30A few minor improvements in Schleifer
2011-03-30OFHTTPRequest: Disallow redirects from HTTPS to HTTP by default.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-30A few win32 fixes.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-30Fix missing include in exceptions/common.h.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-30Work around compiler bugs.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-30Make it possible to let -[bindToPort:onHost:] choose a port.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-29Work around a compiler bug.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-03-29Fix missing include in OFBlock.m for the Apple 32 bit runtime.Jonathan Schleifer