AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-02-20Close 0.5 branch, as it is no longer maintained.0.5Jonathan Schleifer
2011-09-06Fix handling of nested namespaces in OFXMLElement.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-08-30Update the ChangeLog for Schleifer
2011-08-30Set version to 0.5.4 in 0.5 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-08-03Fix a few OFString tests.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-19Fix a bug (hopefully the last!) in blocks.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-18Fix reference counting for blocks.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-17Update PLATFORMS.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-17Include sys/types.h in of_asprintf.m.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-17Use sockaddr_storage instead of sockaddr in OFTCPSocket.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-17Define __NO_EXT_QNX in files using unistd.h or fcntl.h.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-17Get rid of unnecessary includes of unistd.h in headers.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-15Fix a memory leak in OFURL.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-15Fix missing autoreleases in OFBlockTests.m.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-15Fix reference counting for blocks.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-15Always do nothing if OF_BLOCK_BYREF_CALLER is set.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-15Fix missing return.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-14Allow passing NULL to _Block_object_assign() / _Block_object_dispose().Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-13Fix missing cast.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-10Include sys/types.h in objc_sync.m.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-10Include sys/types.h for off_t.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-10Include objc/runtime.h when using the new GNU runtime.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-07-framework has to be before -f* in objfw-compile.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-07Documentation fixes.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-01Update ChangeLog.0.5.3-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2011-07-01Fix wrong variable names resulting from backport.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-07-01Set version to 0.5.3.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-05-29Properly check for thread-safe getaddrinfo if it's unknown.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-28Nicer description for empty collections.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-04-28Don't allow nil in -[initWithObjectForKey:] and optimize -[description].Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-27Check the item size of the passed data array in of_base64_decode().Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-26Check for buggy -Wcast-align.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-26Handle q length modifier in of_asprintf on iOS.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-30of_asprintf: Work around Win32 breaking C99 standard length modifiers.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-30Don't use _NSGetEnviron or environ on iOS.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-25Fix a possible warning in macros.h.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-07Small changes to OF_SETTER/OF_GETTER.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-30Add -[hash] to OFXMLElement and OFXMLAttribute.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-30Add -[isEqual:] to OFXMLElement and OFXMLAttribute.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-29objfw-compile: Pass -f flags to the compiler.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-29Check for libobjc / libobjfw-rt and abort if not found.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-13Fix a typo in README.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-13Fix -[conformsToProtocol:] for the old GNU runtime.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-06Remove semicolons that should not have been there.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-06Correctly add -Wshorten-64-to-32.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-06Add missing imports to make gcc from trunk happy.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-04Fix a bug in -[OFDictionary initWithKeys:arguments:].Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-04Also escape \r in -[stringByXMLEscaping].Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-04Add -[hash] to OFDate, as it is required if there's -[isEqual:].Jonathan Schleifer
2011-06-04Add missing include.Jonathan Schleifer