AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-06-19Set version to 0.3.1 in 0.3 branch.0.3.1-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2010-06-19Update ChangeLog in 0.3 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-06-17Merge a few changesets from the default branch into the 0.3 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-05-09Update ChangeLog in 0.3 branch.0.3-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2010-05-09Merge latest changes from defaeult branch into 0.3 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-05-09Add latest changes from default branch to 0.3 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-05-05Merge latest changes from default branch to 0.3 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-30Remove warning about GNU libobjc in 0.3 branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-30Branch for 0.3.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-30Fix "make tarball" for new paths.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-30Documentation improvement (replaced "an uint*" with "a uint*").Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-30OFNumber API improvement.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-30We can't use isUTF8 here as it might be an OFConstString.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-23Add a warning to OFStream documentation.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-23Nicer OFList API.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-23Improve link, symlink and rename operations in OFFile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-23Nicer API for OFNumber.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-22Add OF_PATH_DELIM to macros.h.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-21Add +[copyFileAtPath:toPath:] and +[deleteDirectoryAtPath:] to OFFile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-18Add +[lastComponentOfPath:] to OFFile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-18Move and objfw-compile into utils subdir.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-18Adjust table generator to new ivar naming convention.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-18Require overriding of -[applicationDidFinishLaunching].Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-18Adjust objfw-compile output to look like the output from buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-18Fix a typo in the tests Makefile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-18Add properties to interfaces. Only used if supported by the compiler.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-18New ivar naming convention.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Better method names for file- and stream-related exceptions.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Move objfw-config --compile into a new script called objfw-compile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Real dependency checking for objfw-config's --compile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Better checking whether we need to link on --compile in objfw-config.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Also use the flags from the environment on --compile in objfw-config.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Show the output name if there's nothing to do in objfw-config.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Add --compile to objfw-config.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Add --objc to objfw-config.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17More consistency in names of file operations.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Give the methods in OFNumber better names.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Add class OFHash as a superclass for OFMD5Hash and OFSHA1Hash.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Make applying a table a private method.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Don't return self where not necessary, return void or something useful.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Improve performance of OFArray's +[arrayWithCArray:].Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Reduce memory usage of OFDictionary and fix hashing.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Rewrite OFDictionary code to make it more readable.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Due to a 32 bit hash, a dictionary can never be bigger than UINT32_MAX.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-17Make resizing a private method instead of inlining.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-15Win32 version of OFFile's +[filesInDirectoryAtPath:].Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-15Add +[createDirectoryAtPath:] to OFFile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-15Add OFCreateDirectoryFailedException.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-15Add +[directoryExistsAtPath:] and +[filesInDirectoryAtPath:] to OFFile.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-04-11Better names for a few file operations.Jonathan Schleifer