AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-05-02Close 0.1 branch.0.1Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-15Update ChangeLog.0.1.2-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2010-01-15Backport fixes from default branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2010-01-04Add ChangeLog.0.1.1-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2010-01-04Backport a few fixes from default branch to 0.1.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-24Merge latest changes from default branch to 0.1 branch.0.1-releaseJonathan Schleifer
2009-12-24Change type of object in OFThread to id.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-23Some minor build improvements.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-23Throw an exception when trying to use chown on Windows.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-23Release local objects before releasing self in @catch.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-23Documentation improvements.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-23Unicode Table Generator: Store used tables in object.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-23Remove TODO from 0.1 branch as it is only useful in the default branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-21Create 0.1 branch and remove unfinished XML stuff from it.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-21Documentation improvement.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-21Update PLATFORMS.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-21Clean up includes in OFTCPSocket.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-17Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-17Add -[replaceObject:withObject:] and others to OFMutableArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-17Further improve OFTCPSocket.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-12Remove OBJC_SYNC variable as it is not used anymore.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-11Make it possible to build ObjFW without support for threads.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-09Check whether getaddrinfo is thread-safe and use locks if not.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-09Indent defines and imports where it is useful.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-07Fix typo.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-06Add README.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-06Move ObjFW definitions to a header that gets installed.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-06Remove two method implementations not used anymore.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Update TODO.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Improve -[initWithKey:argList:].Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Fix optimization in OFDictionary / OFMutableDictionary.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Improve -[initWithObjects:forKeys:].Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Improve readability of -[initWithDictionary:].Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Improve error handling in OFDictionary and OFMutableDictionary.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Improve -[initWithObject:forKey:].Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Improve OFDictionary.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Get rid of float in OFMutableDictionary.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Add +[isSubclassOfClass:] to OFObject.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Don't try to find another CC in acx_pthread.m4.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-05Move LDFLAGS for rpath in objfw-config to a separate --rpath flag.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-03Make OFStream caching invisible to the programmer.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-03Add -[componentsJoinedByString:] to OFArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-03More documentation improvements.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-03Add documentation for OFXMLParser.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-02Introduce some consistency when to use OFObject* and when to use id.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-02Fix one more missing LD = ${OBJC}.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-02Add -[addObject:atIndex:] to OFArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-02Add -[addNItems:fromCArray:atIndex:] to OFDataArray.Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-01Fix -[removeItemAtIndex:], -[removeNItems:atIndex:], -[removeObject:].Jonathan Schleifer
2009-12-01Update buildsys.Jonathan Schleifer