AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysMore type cleanupsHEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
10 daysFix accidental type changeJonathan Schleifer
10 daysOFObject: Change type of -[hash] to unsigned longJonathan Schleifer
10 daysofhttp: Add --ignore-status optionJonathan Schleifer
10 daysMake HTTP status code consistently a shortJonathan Schleifer Restore NetBSD versionsJonathan Schleifer
2020-10-04Fix missing importJonathan Schleifer
2020-10-04OFURL: Improve nil handling for queryDictionaryJonathan Schleifer
2020-10-03OFURL: Add queryDictionary propertyJonathan Schleifer
2020-10-03OFHTTPRequest: Fix handling of remoteAddressJonathan Schleifer
2020-10-03tests/Makefile: Fix a typoJonathan Schleifer
2020-10-03Use /** */ instead of /*! */ for documentationJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-30Add an issue template for GitHubJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-29OFDate: Use more autorelease poolsJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-29runtime: Make object_isTaggedPointer() a functionJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-29Merge support for tagged pointersJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-29runtime: Remove lookup-asm-powerpc-macho.SJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27tests: Fix typoJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27Fix missing includeJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27Update buildsysJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27configure: Only do objc_* checks for Apple runtimeJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27OFMethodSignatureTests: Fix typoJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27Fix tests with Apple GCC 4.0.1Jonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27Work around bugs in Apple GCC 4.0.1Jonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27tests/terminal: Fix compiling with Apple GCC 4.2.1Jonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27tests: Fix compiling with Apple GCC 4.2.1Jonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27ofhttp: Fix compiling with Apple GCC 4.2.1Jonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27Fix compiling for old Apple runtimeJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27Rename "make tarball" to "make release"Jonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27Don't assume arc4random_buf if we have arc4randomJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-27Work around bugs in Apple GCC 4.2.1Jonathan Schleifer
2020-09-26Don't require __COUNTER__ for OF_RESERVE_IVARSJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-26runtime: Document functions for tagged pointerstagged-pointersJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-26runtime: Document all public functionsJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-04OFNumber: Fix missing #ifdefsJonathan Schleifer
2020-09-04OFNumber: Add support for tagged pointersJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-30OFNumber: Never access ivars after initJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-30Merge trunk into branch "tagged-pointers"Jonathan Schleifer
2020-08-29ofhttp: Translate "Error!" messageJonathan Schleifer Instructions for verifying signaturesJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-29ofhttp: Opportunistically try loading ObjOpenSSLJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-25OFString: Also check errno == ERANGE on HUGE_VALJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-25OFString: Remove hack for amiga-gccJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-25OFNumber: Remove (u)int{8,16,32,64} methodsJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-22OFNumber: Don't always use the smallest typeJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-16OFNumber: Remove ssize_tJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-13Make GCC happy againJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-13Adjust generators to recent changesJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-13propertyListValue -> objectByParsingPropertyListJonathan Schleifer
2020-08-13OFData: ASN1DERValue -> objectByParsingASN1DERJonathan Schleifer