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* Changes of existing features or bugfixes.
+ New features.
+ObjFW 0.2.1 -> 0.3, 09.05.2010
+ + Many new methods were added to different classes.
+ + A huge amount of methods was added to OFStream, allowing easy binary
+ stream handling and even mixing string-based and binary operations.
+ + An optional write buffer was added to OFStream.
+ + OFSeekableStream was added for streams that allow seeking, for example
+ OFFiles.
+ * OFNumber was completely reworked and got many new features now.
+ * Large parts of OFDictionary were rewritten for better readability, better
+ memory usage and to fix a bug with removing objects.
+ * OFThread has been greatly improved.
+ * Many small optimizations.
+ * Many documentation improvements.
+ * Method replacing was reworked and the methods renamed.
+ + Tests for OFStream were added.
+ * A bug with building ObjFW as a Universal Binary Framework was fixed.
+ + Support for ObjFW-RT, the ObjFW Objective C runtime, was added.
+ * Sockets are now properly closed before an exception is thrown.
+ * Error handling with sockets was improved.
+ * OFFile now uses open(), read() and write(), thus allowing -[readLine] to be
+ used on of_stdin and fixing many other annoyances.
+ * A few misc methods were renamed.
+ + OFApplication was added.
+ * All tests and the table generator are now using OFApplication.
+ + It is now possible to get the remote address of an OFTCPSocket.
+ + OFString can now build paths in the OS-native format.
+ + It is now possible to create a string with the contents of a file.
+ + Many new file operations were added to OFFile.
+ * The existing file operations in OFFile were improved.
+ * Almost all functions that returned self before now return void.
+ + OFHash was added as a superclass for OFMD5Hash and OFSHA1Hash and OFHashes
+ renamed to OFHash.
+ + objfw-compile was added for easy compilation of ObjFW projects, which
+ includes dependency checking for headers etc.
+ * The instance variable naming convention was changed so that properties work.
+ + Properties were added to the interfaces and are used if they are supported
+ by the compiler.
+ + The library version is now included in the resulting dylib and libobjc is
+ reexported now. Additionally, objfw-config offers --reexport now to produce
+ libraries that link against ObjFW and reexport it.
ObjFW 0.2 -> 0.2.1, 14.03.2010
* Fix for OFNumbers not doing calculations.
* Improved -[hash] for OFNumbers with floats and doubles.