BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.2Close 0.2 branch.Jonathan Schleifer9 years
0.3Close 0.3 branch.Jonathan Schleifer9 years
0.4Close 0.4 branch.Jonathan Schleifer9 years
0.5Close 0.5 branch, as it is no longer maintained.Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.6Fix of_atomic_{add,sub}_ptr on AMD64.Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.7objfw-config: Never output more than one line.Jonathan Schleifer7 years
0.8OFInflate64Stream: Fix window sizeJonathan Schleifer4 years
0.90OFLocalization: Fix setting the territoryJonathan Schleifer22 months
1.0Merge branch 'master' into 1.0Jonathan Schleifer6 weeks
masterUpdate buildsysJonathan Schleifer20 hours
0.90.2-releasecommit 728a593e0f...Jonathan Schleifer2 years
0.90.1-releasecommit 7691d42577...Jonathan Schleifer3 years
0.90-releasecommit dc519bcb9e...Jonathan Schleifer3 years
0.8.1-releasecommit 59a50e3245...Jonathan Schleifer4 years
0.8-releasecommit 0b66519525...Jonathan Schleifer5 years
0.7.1-releasecommit 14194a01c9...Jonathan Schleifer7 years
0.7-releasecommit 5d69482825...Jonathan Schleifer7 years
0.6-releasecommit 93703a754d...Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.5.4-releasecommit 3dc6b51dfc...Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.5.3-releasecommit c880f2c9a7...Jonathan Schleifer9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-01-03Update ChangeLog for 0.4-alpha1.0.4-alpha1Jonathan Schleifer
2011-01-03Branch for 0.4 and set version to 0.4-alpha1 in the new branch.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-01-03Fix a typo in Makefile.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-01-03Add a few more methods to OFDate.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-01-01Change license.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-01-01Makefile: Show in which files the version needs to be updated.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-01-01Multiple OFDate changes.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-01-01Add +[distantFuture] and +[distantPast] to OFDate.Jonathan Schleifer
2011-01-01Don't include microseconds in -[OFDate description].Jonathan Schleifer
2010-12-31Add -[earlierDate:] and -[laterDate:] to OFDate.Jonathan Schleifer