BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.6Close 0.6 branchJonathan Schleifer6 weeks
0.7Close 0.7 branchJonathan Schleifer6 weeks
0.8Close 0.8 branchJonathan Schleifer6 weeks
0.90Close 0.90 branchJonathan Schleifer5 weeks
1.0Merge trunk into 1.0 branchJonathan Schleifer5 weeks
amiga-libraryAdd missing of_log to linklibJonathan Schleifer2 weeks
masterlookup-asm-sparc-elf.S: Fix text relocationJonathan Schleifer31 hours
runtimeruntime: Add exception handling.Jonathan Schleifer8 years
set-mtimeofarc: Set mtime of files extracted from GZIPJonathan Schleifer5 weeks
tagged-pointerslookup-asm-x86(_64)-*.S: Shave off one instructionJonathan Schleifer28 hours
0.90.2-releasecommit 728a593e0f...Jonathan Schleifer3 years
0.90.1-releasecommit 7691d42577...Jonathan Schleifer3 years
0.90-releasecommit dc519bcb9e...Jonathan Schleifer3 years
0.8.1-releasecommit 59a50e3245...Jonathan Schleifer5 years
0.8-releasecommit 0b66519525...Jonathan Schleifer5 years
0.7.1-releasecommit 14194a01c9...Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.7-releasecommit 5d69482825...Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.6-releasecommit 93703a754d...Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.5.4-releasecommit 3dc6b51dfc...Jonathan Schleifer9 years
0.5.3-releasecommit c880f2c9a7...Jonathan Schleifer9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
31 hourslookup-asm-sparc-elf.S: Fix text relocationHEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
32 hoursAdd forwardingTargetForSelector: for SPARC/ELFJonathan Schleifer
45 hourstests: Use \r instead of setting cursorColumn = 0Jonathan Schleifer
5 daysapple-forwarding-x86_64.S: Don't use jmp shortJonathan Schleifer
5 days.travis.yml: Install devkitPro via gdebiJonathan Schleifer
5 days.travis.yml: Move AmigaOS/DS/3DS/Wii to BionicJonathan Schleifer
5 days.travis.yml: devkitPro keeps changing the URL...Jonathan Schleifer
5 daysConvert apple-forwarding-i386.S to Intel syntaxJonathan Schleifer
5 days.travis.yml: Fix .deb name for devkitProJonathan Schleifer
6 dayscall-x86_64-elf.S: Fix several typosJonathan Schleifer