AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-04Make newer gmake versions silent for realHEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
2020-05-02Make newer gmake versions not double print dirsJonathan Schleifer
2020-04-19Don't use lib prefix for DLLsJonathan Schleifer
2020-02-19Make use of -include againJonathan Schleifer
2020-02-18Eliminate dependency generation step entirelyJonathan Schleifer
2020-02-18Keep .dep files to avoid unnecessary regenerationJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-10Do not use - prefix to suppress errorsJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-10Allow specifying start files for Amiga librariesJonathan Schleifer
2018-05-06Install Amiga librariesJonathan Schleifer
2018-04-29Improve Amiga library supportJonathan Schleifer
2018-04-29Replace MORPHOS_LIB with more generic AMIGA_LIBJonathan Schleifer
2018-03-11Use OBJCXXFLAGS to generate deps for .mmJonathan Schleifer
2018-02-11Fall back to using no colors if tput is missingJonathan Schleifer
2018-02-10Unbreak building without sharedJonathan Schleifer
2018-02-09Make building .frameworks less noisyJonathan Schleifer
2018-02-09Copy Info.plist into .bundle, if it existsJonathan Schleifer
2018-02-07Remove deprecated -undefined dynamic_lookupJonathan Schleifer
2018-02-07Build plugins as proper .bundlesJonathan Schleifer
2018-02-07Small cleanupJonathan Schleifer
2018-01-21Use FRAMEWORK_LIBS instead of LIBS for .frameworksJonathan Schleifer
2018-01-21Allow BUILDSYS_FRAMEWORK to take a code blockJonathan Schleifer
2018-01-21Update copyrightJonathan Schleifer
2018-01-20Delete existing .framework before installing itJonathan Schleifer
2018-01-20Automatically build and (un)install .frameworksJonathan Schleifer
2018-01-20Fix using wrong .o files with Apple libtoolJonathan Schleifer
2018-01-19Use Apple libtool if build and host are DarwinJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-29Fix make install running several timesJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-25Do not extract .a files to link them inJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-24Check for codesignJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-20Allow flags per source in addition to per objectJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-20Sign framework after copying Info.plistJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-19Codesign frameworksJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-19Add support for building iOS frameworksJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-17Fix copying .framework headers into wrong dirJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-15Use module.modulemap instead of module.mapJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-15Do not use LIB_LDFLAGS for .frameworksJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-15Include Info.plist in .frameworkJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-15Improve building .frameworksJonathan Schleifer
2017-10-15Add support for building .frameworksJonathan Schleifer
2017-09-10OpenBSD wants setaf * 0 0 on *-256color termsJonathan Schleifer
2017-07-16Properly clean for MorphOS librariesJonathan Schleifer
2017-07-08Add support for building MorphOS librariesJonathan Schleifer
2017-04-18Only use OBJCXXFLAGS and CPPFLAGS with OBJCXXJonathan Schleifer
2017-01-16Make sure we never end up with "for i in ;"Jonathan Schleifer
2017-01-08Always use -Wl,--export-all-symbols for libsJonathan Schleifer
2016-07-09Update copyrightJonathan Schleifer
2016-07-09Don't match against androideabi*, but android*Jonathan Schleifer
2016-07-03Don't use ${MFLAGS} with ${MAKE}Jonathan Schleifer
2016-06-27Disable rpath for Android EABIJonathan Schleifer
2015-03-24Add support for per-object flagsJonathan Schleifer