buildsys.gitA build system using autoconf and makeJonathan Schleifer36 hours
configs.gitA few configuration files I useJonathan Schleifer8 months
corefw.git"Object-oriented" programming in plain CJonathan Schleifer3 years
cryptopassphrase.gitscrypt-based deterministic password generatorJonathan Schleifer4 months
cube.gitA fork of the Cube 3D shooter, as it had better game play than Cube 2 / Sauerbra...Jonathan Schleifer4 months
libtrycatch.gittry/catch for C99Jonathan Schleifer12 months
muc2irc.gitMakes XMPP MUC rooms available via IRCJonathan Schleifer12 months
objfw.gitA portable Objective-C frameworkJonathan Schleifer36 hours
objgamekit.gitA framework for creating games using ObjFWJonathan Schleifer3 years
objgui.gitA GUI abstraction for ObjFWJonathan Schleifer3 years
objirc.gitAn IRC library for ObjFWJonathan Schleifer2 years
objopenssl.gitOpenSSL bindings for ObjFWJonathan Schleifer6 weeks
objpgsql.gitPostgreSQL bindings for ObjFWJonathan Schleifer8 months
objqt.gitQt bindings for ObjFWJonathan Schleifer22 months
objweb.gitA web framework for ObjFWJonathan Schleifer3 years
objwebserver.gitA web server written in ObjC with ObjFWJonathan Schleifer12 months
objxmpp.gitAn XMPP library for ObjFWJonathan Schleifer12 months